Delhi Historical Places: The Chor Minar In Delhi

 Delhi Historical Places: The Chor Minar In Delhi

Delhi is an amazing place, filled with great history and rich culture. Very few knows but the capital of India is as old as time, the reference of this place can be seen in the Indian Epic Mahabharata, when this place was called ‘Indraprasth” the capital city of Pandavas. With the time Delhi has faced many invasions, one of them is from Ala-ud-din Khilji, the manic king of Khilji dynasty which has boasted India with many such sites which are either lapsed with the time or are struggling for their survival.
One such elapsed monument in Delhi is Chor Minar, the “Tower of Thieves”. Located in the heart of city, this monument is though not among the significant tourist sites but it is indeed associated with significant history. To know more about this place let sneak-peek into the past of this amazing Chor Minar.

History of Chor Minar

The history of Chor Minar will take you back to the era of Khilji dynasty. The Chor Minar that is the minaret of Thieves was built by Ala-ud-din Khilji during his reign from 1231-1290 AD. The minaret is consists of 225 holes which were used to serve the heads of thieves. As per the history goes, the main aim of this minaret is to put terror in the hearts of people. Watching beheaded heads from this minaret will definitely make any man saint heart. 
Some other people say that the heads displayed here were of Mongolian people. Mongolian settled near Delhi region which is currently known as Mongolpuri. Legend has that approx 8000 Mongol prisoners were executed here 1305 during the raid of Ali bed and Traghi and their head were displayed here.

Ala-ud-din Khilji

Chor Minar plays an important role in the cultural and heritage walk in Delhi. The place is filled with many stories from Khilji Dynasty. Ala-Ud-Din Khilji, one of the prominent rulers from Khilji dynasty. He acquire Delhi’s throne during the time of Mongolian reign. Throughout his reign he looted all the wealth of the country, killed people, raped women and imprisoned all throughout the country. He attacked Gujarat and looted many temples including Somnath Temple which is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Shiva. Later he attacked Ranthambhore and then to Chittorgarh. His attack on Chittor and his epic battle with Rani Padmini is still remembered today which was the result of Ala-Ud-Din’s lust and desire for Queen Padmini. This led to India’s first ever Jauhar when Rani Padmini along with her maidens and other queen jumped into the fire.

Chor Minar at Present 

Located near Aurobindo Marg in Hauz Khaz, the Chor Minar is located in the center of South Delhi and is a significant part of Delhi Tourism. Today this site is considered under the elapsed monuments of Delhi which need care and protection. This is built of rickety stone which are unevenly set in the mortar. The monument is standing in the centre of a platform of 30 sq and at a height of 7 ft. The platform has 4 sides and each as 3 arched recesses. The way to upstairs goes through the spiral staircase which one can access from central one.

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