10 Most Haunted Places in India 2023

 10 Most Haunted Places in India 2023

Shshs… Koi Hai… No! We are not talking about any horror show or movie over here. Rather we are going to tell you about the real life haunted places in India which are definitely not a place for the faint hearts. So get ready to explore he spookiest places in India which will give you thrill and excitement both at the same time.

  • Mehndipur Ke Balaji
  • GB Block in Meerut
  • Charleville Mansion in Shimla
  • Kuldhara Village in Rajasthan
  • Three Kings Church Goa
  • Mukesh Mills in Mumbai
  • Writer’s Building in Kolkata
  • Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Mumbai
  • Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad
  • Vrindavan Society in Thane

1. Mehndipur Ke Balaji

The only temple in India where live exorcism takes place, Mehndipur Ke Balaji is dedicated to Lord Hanuman. The name Bala is came from Sanskrit word which means child, as Lord Hanuman was often called Bala when he was child. The temple is divided into four chambers, first two chambers have idol of Lord Hanuman and Lord Bhairon. The third and fourth chambers are less visited by people. Third chambers is filled with people banging their heads on pillars, pouring hot water on themselves without feeling pain and whereas the last chamber is actually a place where nobody allows accept the possessed people and pundits. The fourth chamber has people who are possessed by the evil spirits. They are whipped and beaten by exorcists, starved for three to four days without water until the spirits leave the persons’ body. This is a temple, though it is considered as the haunted place which makes this place quite interesting. Located in the state of Rajasthan this temple is famous for wandering spirits which sometimes possess the human body.

2. GB Block in Meerut

Meerut is one of the metropolitan cities in India. This is a prominent city of Uttar Pradesh. While the city’s beauty is attracting many travellers on the same hand the unnatural stories associated with this place also attracting travellers. GB Block in Meerut is one such place which is labeled as haunted. Deserted from last many decades this place has no sign of life. No one dares to enter this place. People have claimed to see a woman in a red dress sitting on the rooftop. People have also reported to spot four men sitting there and drinking beer at the rooftop. The Mystery of the Indian haunted place have been tried to solve many time but it remains unsolved every time. According to the reports, a caretaker has been appointed here for six months and he didn’t find anything strange, one day he spotted a lady in red, and he left freaking out.

3. Charleville Mansion in Shimla

Beauty of Shimla is quite amazing. People on their Shimla Tours visit this place every year to spend some quality time with their friends and family. Apart from all the beauty and charm, the place is also filled with many spooky stories and places. One such place is Charlevile Mansion in Shimla which is listed as one of the most haunted places in India. One of the upper rooms in this mansion is believed to be haunted and has been reported to be a high point of poltergeist activity. The room was locked and has been sold to a couple. Though couple did not found any unusual activity in here in this mansion, but one night the couple went to some party for dinner and asked someone to look after their house. The person felt as if someone is there in the upper room (room which was locked) he went to check upstairs and to his horror he saw a silhouette had just passed through the closed door, he immediately left the place and then the couple also sold this place to someone else.

4. Kuldhara Village in Rajasthan

There is no such place in world as lively yet as mysterious as Rajasthan. Filled with amazing cities and tourist destination, the place is a perfect blend of mystery and culture. Apart from very famous and haunted Bhangarh Fort in Rajasthan there is one more place in the state which is considered as haunted, it is the village of Kuldhara in the city of Jaisalmer. This village today is featuring as one of the major attraction in Rajasthan tourism. This abandoned and deserted village was once a happy and highly habited place. People today believe this place to be haunted and do not prefer to stay in night. The story of this place starts back before two centuries when the debauched diwan of Jaisalmer wanted to marry the daughter of village chief. Chief and his daughter refused, in order to fulfill his desire, Diwan implored heavy taxes on villages and tried every antics to fulfill his desire. Fed up by his misdoings, one night villagers left this place without leaving their traces behind. It is believed that spirits of those villagers haunt this place and cursed to not to habitat this place in future again. Make your Rajasthan tour package more enthralling by taking a haunted tour in India.

5. Three Kings Church Goa

Goa is one of the places in India which is filled with fun, love and joy. On one hand there are beaches, nightlife, wines and music on the other hand the place is filled with some eerie places which are declared haunted. The Three Kings Church Goa is one such place which is famous for its haunted place. According to the story, there were three kings who wished to rule the village and in order to do so they killed each other and since there spirit still roam here, as per villagers believe. Goa tourism is incomplete without taking a peek of this place.

6. Mukesh Mills in Mumbai

It is hard to believe that the metropolitan city like Mumbai can be considered as haunted or ghostly, but as exception are always there, Mukesh mills in Mumbai is considered as the one of the haunted places. Once served as the cotton mill this place today is nothing more than an abandon place which was burnt in fire. It is mostly used for film and ad shooting. People who visit this place avoid staying here after sunset.  Bollywood actors such as Bipasha Basu and Varun Dhawan have a spooky experience while shooting in here. If you are on your Mumbai tours, do visit this place as these days the site is used for private parties and get-togethers.

7. Writer’s Building in Kolkata

Kolkata, the city of Joy is famous as the hub of intellectuals, art and culture. The place is hard to believe to be possessed by any haunted site. Yet just like most of Indian places, Kolkata is not any exception. The Writer’s Building in Kolkata is believed to be haunted place which was built in 1700s’ for the writers who worked in East India Company. The place is used as office space these days. People who work here do not dare to stay here after dusk. It is being said that the fifth floor of the building is said to be haunted. According to the stories three revolutionaries shot the general inspector Colonel Simpson here and it is believed that his spirit wander in the office and haunt people who stay here after sunset. Many a time people have heard laughter, cries inside the house while nobody was around.

8. Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Mumbai

Filled with a plethora of flora and fauna the Sanjay Gandhi National Park is also a place which is not only famous rich wildlife but is also famous for its haunted stories and activities. The park is one of the major attractions during Mumbai tourism and is visited by thousands of travellers round the world. The place is haunted by a spirit of the woman. It is believed that woman in sari asks for lift from people and then vanishes. The guide of the park will tell you more about this place.

9. Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad

Famous for majestic sets and amazing movie shots, Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad is one of the most amazing and haunted places in India. Though the care takers and authority of the place deny all such things but the crew members who worked here have experienced weird things such as pushing by invisible force which ultimately led to injured themselves. Some rooms of the studio are also considered as haunted. According to the sources, the place where studio is standing today is the same place where many soldiers have lost their lives, spirit of whom still roams here. Visiting this place is under south India tourism is amazing.

10. Vrindavan Society in Thane

Occupied with more than 100 buildings Vrindavan Society in Thane is a premium place yet is famous for its haunted activities. The society is famous for the slapping ghosts which wander here in the society in the night. Reports has a man has committed suicide here years ago and the spirits of the same man haunt this society. If you ever visit the society, do ask the guard here about more stories about this society.

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