Famous Temple Festivals in Kerala 2023

 Famous Temple Festivals in Kerala 2023

Kerala is known for its charming beauty and charismatic natural abundance. The rich and glittering temples on the one hand while plush green natural abundance on the other hand truly justify the beauty in the hues of green and gold. One of its Kerala tourism can enjoy all these things to make their holidays memorable. Talking about the temples and festivals, Kerala has prominence in temple tours of India.

Here we are going to discuss the three Most amazing temple festivals in Kerala through which one would simply enjoy the lifestyle, culture, and traditions of the place. These temple tours are the charm of South India tourism.

1. Guruvayur Temple Elephant Race

Have you heard about the Bull Run festival of Pamplona, it is as similar to that of the same, but the only difference is that it does not include any bloodshed? This elephant race is celebrated as the beginning of the annual festival at Guruvayur Sree Krishna temple. It is also called Anayottam. This festival is celebrated in the Kumbham moth according to the Malyalam festival. The winner in this festival is privileged to Cary the Thidambu which is the replica of the Guruvayoorappan idol.

2. Attukal Temple Pongala

It is one of its kind festivals that witness the largest congregation of women in Kerala. The woman gathering is so high that it has entered in the Guinness record as the largest women gathering for religious activity. With over 3.5 million women participate in Pongala festival is celebrated at Attukal Bhagavati Temple in Kerala’s capital city of Thiruvananthapuram. Women on this day offer sweet dish which is made up of rice, molasses, coconut with raisins and nuts to the deity. According to their belief, the deity is considered as the incarnation of Goddess Parvati.

3. Paripally Gajamela

Gajamela the world is formed by the combination of two words, Gaja (Elephant) and Mela (Fair) and together they form the festival of elephants. Gajamela of Paripally is an annual festival at Kodimoottil Sree Bhagwati Temple. It is dedicated to Goddess Bhadrakali. One can watch more than 50 caparisoned elephants taking part in this gajamela which lasts for 10 days huge celebration. On the last day of the festival, one can witness the grandeur of the mighty elephants parading and walking towards the Bhagwati temple. If you are on your Kerala tours, then it we suggest you take part in this festival at once in all these 10 days.



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