6 Most Haunted Places In Kolkata 2023

 6 Most Haunted Places In Kolkata 2023

Supernatural phenomena and paranormal activities has always been a centre of attraction for everyone. The land of fantasies where there are ghosts and spirits, some are good while some are bad. All these things make us fascinated towards them. India is a country which is famous as a land of snake charmers is also hub of such paranormal activities. There are many places in the country which are known for their haunted history, one such place is Kolkata – The City of Joy.

Being a metropolitan city, it is hard to believe that people of Kolkata believe in the ghosts and spirit activities. But just like coin shinning Kolkata is also having its dark side. Today in this post we are going to discuss about the most haunted places in Kolkata, which will give you a spine chilling experience.

  • South Park Cemetery
  • Writer’s Building
  • National Library
  • Putulbari House
  • Hasting House
  • Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station

1. South Park Cemetery

What’s better than starting with the cemetery when we are talking about the haunted places in Kolkata? The South Park Cemetery in Kolkata is featuring as one of the oldest cemeteries in Kolkata and it is wrapped with some of the most haunted stories related to it.  Though the spirits here do not bother anyone but according to sources many people have reported to experience them in person. Many of them have seen eerie images and shadows which are wandering there. According to travellers they have captured ghosts or spirits in the white dress in their camera. They say whoever visits this cemetery falls ill.

2. Writer’s Building

It’s been more than 60 years that India got Independence but the ghost of British still haunts us and we are talking about the real life ghosts. Writer’s building is another place that haunts people after sunset. Today where there is building is standing, there used to be a fort which was damaged in the natural calamity. According to the sources, revolutionaries during the struggle of Independence had shot down British Captain Simpson spirit of whose still haunts this place. People have reported the presence of strange eerie and it is believed that spirit of Simpson haunts during midnight. Though this building is serving as the best secretariat of West Bengal yet no person dare to work here after late evening.

3. National Library

Experiencing the haunting activities is something which will give you unforgettable memories for life time. The national library in Kolkata a prominent place which is one of the largest libraries in Kolkata is a hub of haunted activities. People have reported the happenings of many supernatural activities which are beyond everything. During its renovation, 12 workers were killed in an accident. Another incident which recorded here is about a student who was reading here in night time and was found dead in the next morning. Freaky, right?? All those who love to know more about the paranormal activities, this is the perfect place for you.

4. Putulbari House

Known as the house of dolls, Putulbari House is a perfect place to visit if you wish to experience the paranormal activities. The upper stories of this building are supposed to be haunted and no one dare to go close to near them. According to the sources, there was a wealthy man who used to exploit the young girls here and then later killed them. It is believed that it is the ghosts of these girls who wander in the house asking for justice. Many people have reported about the mysterious laugh and sounds of anklets at the night hours.

5. Hasting House

Once been a house of British Governor General Warren Hastings, the house is named after him. In the present time the house is serving as the Women’s college under the Calcutta University. According to the sources there are many mysterious happening associated with this place. Many have heard strange voices, while many have heard unusual footsteps in the premises. There is a spooky story related to this place according to once a boy in the house died while playing the football and even today whoever tries to play the game get severely injured.


6. Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station

It is one of the busy stations in Kolkata, yet the place is famous for various mysterious activities. Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station is known for the numbers of suicides that happen here. Badly famous as the paradise for suicides, the last train at this station is believed to be haunted. There are reports of seeing various strange shadows in the train. Even the staff and drivers have reported to have an encounter with the strange figures roaming at the station. If you ever come to Kolkata and wish to experience these activities then do make a stay at nearby hotels in Kolkata, which are available in a huge range.

Along with the above given places, there are few more haunted places in Kolkata which makes your Kolkata holidays mesmerizing and unforgettable. These places are – The Royal Calcutta Turf Club, The Kolkata Dockyard, Wipro Office and Lower Circular Road Cemetery.

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