Know Indian History Through These Best Forts and Palaces in India

 Know Indian History Through These Best Forts and Palaces in India

India is that country in the world, whose history is as glorious as its present. The history of the country plays a vital role in forming the rich culture and traditions of the country. Various rulers of various dynasties have reined this land and boasted it with n numbers of monuments which are today playing a vital role in India tourism.
Travellers from not only India but from across the world visit this country to cherish the glorious evidence of the bygone era in the form of forts and palaces. For this we have brought to you the list of best forts and palace in India which will make your tour memorable and enchanting.

1. City Palace in Jaipur

Rajasthan, the land of kings and maharajas is the place where you can find numerous of forts and palace. Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan is one such place where you can see lots of forts and palace among all, the City Palace of Jaipur is a prominent tourist attraction that also falls in Jaipur Tourism. This half palace half museum is one of its kind palaces which is compacting with the artifacts of the bygone era of Rajasthan.

Features of City Palace


1. The Palace was constructed in 18th century by Sawai Jai Singh II compacting the Mughal, Rajputana and European style of architecture.
2. The museum in city palace is comprises with collection of armory, weapons and other artifacts of royal Rajputi era of the state.
3. Chandra Mahal in City Palace is still use as the residence of the royal fmily of Jaipur.
Entry Fee = INR 190 for Indians and INR 500 for Foreign Tourists
Visiting Time = 9 AM to 5 PM

2. Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur

Jodhpur is as beautiful city as its sweet dialect. Holding a prominent place in Rajasthan tourism¸ Jodhpur just adds another feather in the hat of tourism of Rajasthan. Featuring as one of the major fort in the city, the fort is famous for its huge and unique architecture that is situated on high platform with thick walls that make this fort fascinating.

Features of Mehrangarh Fort

1. The fort was built in 1459 AD by Rao Jodha. One has to cross seven gates to cross the fort.
2. The marks of cannon ball still present on second gate as witness of attack from Jaipur.
3. There are numerous palace within the fort. The Moti Mahal is a major attraction which is compacting with the royal throne, The Sringar Chowki.
4. There’s a museum inside the fort which is compact with arms, costumes, paintings, decorated period rooms etc.
Entry Fee = INR 400 for Foreigner and INR 60 for Indians
Visiting Time = 9 AM to 5 PM

3. Maharaja’s Palace in Mysore

Mysore ‘s Maharaja Palace is a beautiful fortress that has served as the best tourist attraction in Mysore. The Maharaja Palace plays a prominent role in South India tourism. This huge palatial complex was the official residence of the city who ruled Maharja Palace from 14th to 20th century. The palace is located in the heart of city and is overlooking the divine Chamunda Hils. The fort is compacting with more than 14 temples, gardens and courtyards which is featuring as the major attraction of this palace.

Features of Maharaja Palace

1. The fort was first built in 1399 and later gone through many renovations.
2. The Mysore Palace is an amazing example of mixed architectural style such as Indo-Saracenic architecture by British along with Indo-Islamic, Neo-Classical and Gothic Revival style.
3. There’s a huge and mesmerizing garden inside the palace which is well-maintained and makes the palace more exciting.
4. The palace is compacting with 12 Hindu temples which are from 14th century till 1953 AD. 
Entry Fee – INR 200 for foreigners and INR 40 for Indians
Visiting Time – 10 AM to 5:30 PM

4. Red Fort in Delhi

This is one of the UNESCO declared world heritage site in India which is standing with all grandeur and charisma stating the glorious past of the city. This huge fort is an apex Mughal architecture which is one of its kinds in whole country. The fort has served as the house of Mughal Emperor for many centuries where many Mughal emperors from Shah Jahan to great grandsons have lived. It is a major attraction of Delhi Tourism. 

Features of Red Fort

1. The fort was built by Shah Jahan in 1638 when he moved his capital from Agra to Delhi. 
2. The Red fort is known for hosting national festivals such as 15th August and 2th January. 
3. The structure is compact with Diwan-I-Khas, The Diwan-I-Aam, The Rang Mahal, The Khas Mahal, 
4. The fort is built with huge red sandstone, because of which the fort has got the name “Red Fort”.
Entry Fee – INR 11 for Indian Citizen and INR 100 for foreigners. 
Visiting Time – 10 AM to 4 PM, closed on Monday.

5. Gwalior Fort in Madhya Pradesh

Watching the beauty of the Gwalior Fort, Mughal Emperor Akbar once said “The Pearl In The Necklace Of The Forts Of Hindi.” And it is rightly stated as the fort is a unique example of the Rajputi architectural style. Located on the top of the hill, this is the most majestic forts of central India. The fort is not only famous for its military style architecture but is also famous for aesthetically painted walls painted in royal blue and pink.

Features of Gwalior Fort

1. Gwalior Fort is associated with ancient history. The fort has been ruled by many rulers through centuries.
2. The  fort complex is compact with two palaces, temples and water tanks. The Dravidian style Teli Ka Mandir and Saas Bahu temple is quite a watch in the fort.
3. 15th century Man Singh Palace is famous for its design which reflects the true color of Tomar dynasty. The Gurjar Mahal is there to compliment  the Man Singh Palace.
4. Light and Sound show is an integral part of Gwalior fort tht is held on every night.
Entry Fee – INR 75 for Indian Citizen and INR 250 for Foreigners
Visiting Time – 8 AM to 6 PM

6. Golconda Fort in Telangana

Telangana, a newly carved 29th state of Republic of India is has a beautiful city named Golconda and it is consider as a major mine from which various gemstones of the world were extracted. The fort of Golconda is one of the major attraction of South India tourism which rich history and amazing architectural style. Visiting Golconda fort will make you introduce with the glory of South India.

Features of Golconda Fort

1. The boundary wall of the fort is thick and is about 10 km long.
2. The presence of carved domes, pillars, entrances, mosques and temples are treat for eyes.
3. The Fateh Darwaza is built in a way that a single clap from here can be heard a kilometer away at bala Hisar Pavilion.
Entry Fee – INR 5 for Indians, INR 100 for Foreigners
Visiting Time – 9 AM to 5 PM

7. Fatehpur Sikri at Uttar Pradesh

The former capital of Mughal emperor Akbar, Fatehpur Sikri is one of the most amazing and intrigue location which is boasted with the edifice of Mughal era which will make your Agra day tours memorable. People on their Golden triangle tour packages often visit this abandon yet charismatic city which has once served as the capital of the Akbar. 

Features of Fatehpur Sikri

1. The town is a beautiful fusion for Persian architecture with Indian embellishments.
2. The architecture of the city was designed in the guidance of Akbar himself.
3. The town is stretch from Fatehpur Village in the north to Sikri Village in the south which also give you the memorable moments of your Taj Mahal day tours. 
Entry Fee – INR 40 for Indians and INR 500 for Foreigners
Visiting Time – 9 AM to 5 PM

8. Hawa Mahal Jaipur

Here’s one more jewel from the pink city Jaipur, the Hawa Mahal aka the Palace of wind. Uniquely designed in the form of Lord Krishna crown, the Hawa Mahal is one of the most important attractions that complete your heritage and cultural walk in Jaipur. The palace was constructed specially for the royal ladies and their maidens so that they can also watch the daily happenings of the city without being seeing. 

Features of Hawa Mahal

1. The fort is compact with 953 small windows which are called jharokas.
2. The wind palace has been used as the location of many film shooting including Madhuri Dixit, Beta and many more.
3. The Palace is designed in the form of Lord Krishna’s crown.
4. There’s no stairs to reach the roof, only kanguras which one have to climb to reach at the top
Entry Fee  - INR 50 for Indians and INR 200 for Foreigners
Visiting Time – 9 AM to 4:30 PM

9. Agra Fort in Agra

Agra day tours is so not completed without visiting Agra Fort. This is one of the most significant forts of India which throws the royal grandeur of bygone Mughal Era. The fort was once serves as the military hub of the Mughal army during Akbar reign and later converted into Palace as a residence of the royal family. This majestic fort is spread in over 94 acres.

Features of Agra Fort

1. The fort is the very place from where The British seized the Kohinoor Diamond from Mughal king. 
2. The most amazing attraction in the fort complex is the Khas Mahal, the Shish Mahal and the Muhammam Burj – the octagonal tower which are aesthetically designed.
3. Shah Jahan, died in the Musammam Burj of Fort overlooking the charming Taj Mahal.
4. Aurangzeb captured Shah Jahan in this fort during his sunset years of life for more than 10 years.
Entry Fee – INR 20 for Indians and INR 300 for Foreigners
Visiting Time – 6 AM to 6 PM

10. Jaisalmer Fort in Rajasthan

The Golden City of Rajasthan, Jaisalmer is a beautiful place which is famous for ethnic Rajasthani lifestyle. People on their Rajasthan tours love exploring Jaisalmer for camel ride on the long stretch Thar Desert. The Jaisalmer Fort in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan is one of its kinds forts which is built with huge yellow sandstone which throws the golden aura thus make this fort often called the Golden fort. Located on the apex of Trikuta hill in Thar Desert, the fort is a witness of many battles and bloodshed in its time.

Features of Jaisalmer Fort

1. The fort was built in 1156 AD by Rao Jaisal, the king of Rajput Bhati dynasty.
2. The fort has been a witness of a battle with many dynasties such as Khilji, Tughalaqs and many other Rathore kings.
3. There are many shops inside the fort from where you can purchase puppets, tourist caps, leather products and many more.
Entry Fee – INR 250 for Foreigners and INR 50 for Indians 
Visit Timings – 6 AM to 5 PM

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