7 Best Offbeat Heritage Sites In India 2023

 7 Best Offbeat Heritage Sites In India 2023

People from all over the world love to visit India and cherish its amazing beauty which is boasting in the form of its culture, traditions and heritage sites. With 29 states and more than 3000 cities, India offers its travellers a vast landscape which is filled with lots of wonders that makes a perfect India tour packages.

We have discussed about many places, be it historical sites or heritage place which keeps a prominent place in tourism in India. But today we are here with the list of some of the unexplored and offbeat heritage sites in India exploring which will be a pleasing experience for you all.

  • Iron Age Petroglyphs from Domkhar in Ladakh
  • The Laxman Temple in Sirpur
  • Ruins of Devrani and Jethani Temples in Bilaspur
  • Rock Cut from Unakoti Hills at Tripura
  • The Deccan Edge of Burhanpur in Madhya Pradesh
  • Farrukhnagar near Delhi
  • Clay cities in Bishnupur in Bengal

1. Iron Age Petroglyphs from Domkhar in Ladakh

In last couple of years studies and new discoveries have revealed about our forefather’s culture which are carved on the rocks that forms of vast museum in the vast land of Domkhar in Ladakh. The rock arts are believed to be associated with pre-historic era dates back to 2nd to 3rd century BC. The art form made on these rocks shows scenes depicting hunting, wars and festivals. Along with it the rocks are also having images of animals and human figures that will take you the bygone lost era of the world. Apart of Domkhar other sites where you can find such places are Takmachik, Shara and Ledo.

2. The Laxman Temple in Sirpur

Located in the lap of marvelous state of Madhya Pradesh, Sirpur is a heritage site which is compact with great history. Situated in the district of Chhattisgarh, Sipur dates back to 5th century which has been under the rule of various dynasties. Laxman Temple is an ancient temple in here which is finely built with brick and is compact with doorframe and intrinsic carvings. Laxman temple is one of the finest examples of ancient architecture that was first discovered by Lord Cunningham in 1872 AD. Apart from Laxman temple, Sirpur is also compact with Gandheshwar Mahadev Temple, Swastik Vihar and ruins of Surang Tila.

3. Ruins of Devrani and Jethani Temples in Bilaspur

Featuring as the second largest city in Chhattisgarh, Bilaspur is also the house of many tourist attractions. Travellers specially love visiting the ancient sites in here. The ruins of Devrani and Jethani Temples are the major attractions of the place. This ancient site dates back to 6th century AD and is portraying the works from Guptan style. Placing a notable place in north India tours the walls of the temples is engraved with the images and sculptures of reptiles, mammals, humans, insects and demons.

4. Rock Cut from Unakoti Hills at Tripura

The hidden heritage site is located in the North East part of the country. The location lies approximately 180 km away from Agartala. The site is wrapped around with the natural diversity. These rocks cut images and amazing stone sculptures of Lord Shiva dates back to 7th to 9th centuries. Travellers who visit this place can also get to see rock-cut sculpture of Lord Shiva, which hosts with the carvings and images of various Hindu deities such as Ganesha, Durga and so on.

5. The Deccan Edge of Burhanpur in Madhya Pradesh

Burhanpur is a pleasing site which is filled with various tourists’ sites. The place is located in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Named after Sheikh Burhan-ud-Din the place is compact with two sites namely Sari and Ahukhana. It is believed that Mumtaz was buried here in this place for six months before her corpse was shifted to Taj Mahal in Agra. Apart from this place, Burhanpur is also hosting many historical sites such as Jama Masjid, Raja ki Chatri, Dargah-E-Hakimi and Asirgad Fort.

6. Farrukhnagar near Delhi

This place is actually an offbeat location which is located near the capital of India, Delhi. People on their Delhi Tourism can visit this place as a weekend getaway where they can relish the charm of the historical India. Farrukhnagar was founded in 1732 by the first Nawab of the place named Faujdar Khan. Sheesh Mahal, Baoli, Jama Masjid are some of the prominent attractions of the place. What fascinates travellers to this place is the perfect blend of Rajasthani and Mughal architectural work.

7. Clay cities in Bishnupur in Bengal

Kolkata, the city of joy, is one of the 4 metropolitan cities of the country and 160 km from this city lay Bishnupur one of the prominent weekend getaways from Kolkata. Bishnupur with its exquisite beauty and heritage sites attracts lots of travellers every year. The major attraction of Bishnupur includes terracotta temples that date back to 7th century. There are more than 21 terracotta temples in here which makes this place a perfect heritage sites in the country. All these 21 temples are dedicated to various Hindu deities and one can also get spectacular art works in these temple of Rasmancha Temple, Jo Bangala Temple, Pancha Ratna Temple, Radha Madhava Temple and many more.

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