Bhangarh Fort in Rajasthan, A Story of Rani Ratnavati

 Bhangarh Fort in Rajasthan, A Story of Rani Ratnavati

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“Rani Ratnavati was one of the most beautiful women of her time her beauty was the talking point among all the kingdoms and past its border. Enchanted by her beauty, a sorcerer named Singhia tried to entice her by the black magic he possess. Once, he charmed one of Ratnavati’s maid and sent magic oil for her. Ratnavati who also used to keep a bit knowledge about the black magic came to know sorcerer’s trick and throw the oil away on the huge boulder, as a result, the boulder was started rolling on the ground and crushed the sorcerer. Before dying he cursed the city to never be inhabited again and Bhangarh will destroy to death.”

Rani Ratnavati

Later during the battle between Ajabgarh and Bhangarh, Rani Ratnavati killed and it is believed that the ghost of a queen and the sorcerer are still roaming in the premises and nobody is allowed to stay or enter in the fort after sunset. This is how Bhangarh become one of the most haunted places in India.

Bhangarh Fort

Known for many forts and palaces, Rajasthan is having Bhangarh fort which is one of its kinds. It was built by Man Singh I in the 17th century. Located near the border of Sariska Reserve the fort is one of the major attractions for all those who love to spend their time during wildlife tourism in India, that covers best experiance of  India Tour Packages.

Bhangarh Fort in Rajasthan

The Bhangarh fort is having a huge gate through which one would enter into the premises of the fort. A Hanuman temple in the fort is placed near the main gate and through this gate, one has to take a long walk to reach to the main castle. Along with the main gate, there are four more gates in the fort namely Ajmeri gate, The Phubari Gate and the Delhi Gate.

There is also a Gopinath temple in the fort near the Hanuman temple which was built above at the height of 14 feet with yellow sandstone. The complex of the fort is also housed with the house of a priest called Purohit Ji Ki Haveli.

The fort is nothing more than ruins these days, yet the one would easily get enchanted by its raw beauty and style. Many attempts have been done to preserve this temple yet all the efforts went in vain.

Major Attractions near Bhangarh Fort

People on their Rajasthan tourism when travel to Bhangarh has also many options to look around and which would bring them more close to the rich culture and traditions of Rajasthan.

Major Attractions near Bhangarh Fort

Places such as The Bala Quila Fort, The Sariska Tiger Reserve, Jai Pol, and Siliserh Lake Palace are some of the major tourist attractions that place a vital role in the Rajasthan tour packages.

We sure you must have got a curiosity to visit this fort soon. Having its close proximity with the cities such as Alwar, Jaipur, Delhi, and Ajmer, the Bhangarh Fort becomes a major center of attraction in India tourism.

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