The pink city of India, Jaipur is a pleasing city which if filled with amazing tourist destinations. Forts, Palaces, temples are the proof the bygone royal era of the city. Jaipur is serving as the capital of the country. It is very well-known for its warm hospitality and unique blend of modern and cultural music.

Along with the other two cities of Delhi and Agra, Jaipur forms a mesmerizing golden triangle of India which is one of the most prominent tourist packages adored by all national and international travellers. Jaipur is based on the ancient Indian architectural science, called Vastu Shastra. The city is also featuring as the first planned city of the country.

The art and crafts of the city is intrigue that enhances the charm of your house. Beautiful Rajasthani paintings, blue pottery and handicrafts are the marvelous tourist attractions of the city that include in the rich art and crafts of the city. Jaipur is also filled with many tourist attractions that include forts, palaces, temples and many more places that will enhance your Jaipur tours.

When all these things bring together, it would make a perfect Jaipur excursion that will make your holidays more exciting and more pleasurable. What add values to your Jaipur tourism are the ethnic and vibrant local festivals which fills more colors in this place, festivals like teej, gangaur, sheetla ashtami are just to name a few.

Through our Jaipur travel guide you would be getting all the things that will make your holidays as royal as this city.