Facts Of Taj Mahal


We have learned many things about Taj Mahal and we have heard many stories about this majestic white monument. With its spellbinding beauty and rich historical backdrops Taj Mahal has been attracting and alluring the people ever since from its building. Here we have gathered all the facts on Taj Mahal for you so that you may get a glimpse of this pilgrims of love birds.

Here goes the Chronicles of Taj Mahal

Construction Year – 1631

Completion Year – 1653

Total Time Taken – 22 Years

Constructed by – Fifth Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan

Constructed for – Mumtaz Mahal (third wife of Shah Jahan)

Architectural Type – Mughal – Islamic Tomb

Architectural Style – Blend of Mughal, Persian and Indian

Architect – Ustad Ahmad Lahauri

Cost – 32 Crore Rupees

Work Forces – 20000 Men and 1000 Elephants

Special Features – UNESCO declared World Heritage Site

Visiting Timing – Sunday to Thursday – Closed on Friday

Architecture Comprises with – 28 kinds of semi-precious stones, Inscriptions from Quran

Tomb of Mumtaz Mahal - Having 99 names of Allah inscribed on it.

Marbles – Called from Rajasthan (Makrana), Punjab and even outside the country from China, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Arab and Tibet.

Footfall – 2 to 4 million visitors included 2,00,000 foreigners every year.