Best Time To Visit Taj Mahal


Visited by tens and thousands of national and international travellers Taj Mahal is India’s most visited tourist destinations in India. Lakhs of people makes plan to travel to Taj Mahal with their friends and family to enjoy this amazing architecture of Mughal era.

If you are also thinking about the best time to visit Taj Mahal then we must say that there no bad time to visit this majestic sign of love. This spectacular wonder of the world can be visited during any time of the year. The summers in north India is bit scorching and travellers generally avoid visiting during the day. It is suggested to travellers to visit Taj Mahal in between October and March which is considered as the best time for travellers to visit.

Generally the ideal time for visiting Taj Mahal is before sunrise or sunset. If you are lucky and visit this mausoleum during full moon nights do not let go this chance. For getting a chance to visit Taj Mahal during full moon night then you have to book ticket one day prior to the tour.