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Yoga, the word has derived from the Sanskrit word Yog, which means to add or unite something. When this unity is portrayed in the spiritual terms, this unity refers to the unification of mind, body soul. When all three things becomes one, the science is called Yoga. The science of Yoga has been found from around 200 BC, although there are various reference which states that Yoga is as old as time and found its way back to 2000-3000 BC. Even Lord Shiva (one among trinity) is known as Aadi Yogi, the first ever yogi.

It is the magic of Yoga only that India is being visited by 10s and 1000s of travellers to get healed and benefited by this ancient science. It is because of the popularity of yoga among the national and international travellers that we have brought to you tour packages of Yoga classes in India. These tour packages are extremely comfortable and are designed in such a way that it provides a tour filled relaxation.

The itineraries are made under the supervision of the experts and are indeed flexible. All these itineraries can be changed according to your need, requirements, demands and comfort. These packages are compact with the finest places in India where one can rejuvenate after a long hectic life schedule. Be it the soothing aura of Haridwar and Rishikesh in the north or the serene tranquil environ of the south India, each and every place is blessed with some of the finest meditation centre who are all ready to make your holidays more relaxing and soothing.

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Kovalam Yoga Classes

Destination : Kovalam

Duration : Day Tour

Luxury Train Of India

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