Nepal Tour Packages


It is so obvious to think of incredible natural scenery, the moment you hear Nepal. However, this should not be the sole reason to plan the Nepal tour. The nation houses the soaring The Himalayas providing best hiking and mountaineering opportunities and steamy plains where you can view Asia’s best wildlife.

Kathmandu, the biggest city of the nation has stunning historical sites. Pokhara, another city offers a perfect array of outdoor activities for adrenalin seekers. The nation in all has a very serene feeling. The air is magical without pollution and the people are just so warm and humble. The accommodation and food is not all a problem when in Nepal.

With our Nepal Tour Packages, you can experience the high (mountains) and low (wildlife), the serenity of Buddhism as well as the thrill of outdoor activities, all at once. We prepare itineraries as per our client’s needs and demands. We offer complete packages and are available to help you always.