Hot Air Balloon Ride In India

Flying in the sky has always been a fascination for mankind. It is the curiosity of human mind that humans have invented great inventions such as airplane and helicopter not only we stopped here but we actually reached the outer space and touch different planets and extra-terrestrial bodies.

One such example that we can see as a result of fascination of human mind for flying is the Hot air balloon. Flying in a giant balloon and watching the panoramic view of the city is something of worth experience. In the recent years, ride in Hot air Balloon has become a centre of fascination among the travellers and many sightseers who visit the country prefer to spend his/her time while travelling through the sky that too with less cost attached.

In India there are many places where the travellers can enjoy the thrilling ride in Hot air balloon. One such place is Pushkar the ancient city of India then there is Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan and also known as Pink City and many other places.

To make your holidays more exciting we have brought to you a huge range of itineraries that will offer you a chance to peak into the soul of the place where you visit. All these hot air balloon ride itineraries are made with the consultation of experts and are design in such a way that it gives you utmost thrill and excitement while you being on your tour.

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