Cooking Classes In India


Food is the prime element of the culture of any place. In a country like India which culturally so diverse, it is obvious that the cuisines served here are also of different tastes and aroma. Tourists across the world visit India not only to cherish the beauty of the country but also to relish the flavors of Indian food.

India has been ruled by many kings and thereby every dynasty has left the gift of its special delicacies to this country. The magic of Mughal delicacies can be seen in the state of Agra and Delhi where the tandoori dishes are highly preferable. Delhi is also famous for Punjabi food due to its high influence from Punjab. The chole kulche, rajma chaawal are the staple food here which can be found at every nook and corner of the city.

Be it the Kashmir’s Modur Pulav, Rajasthan’s scrumptious dal baati choorma, Gujarat’s khakhra, and phaphda or South India’s uttapam and dosa, each delicacy has the taste to tantalize your tongue and fill your stomachs. On the demand of tourists, we have planned the special activity of cooking classes in India.

Our itinerary for the same has been designed in a way that it enables you to learn the best and scrumptious delicacies of the country. Our professionals help you with all your wishes and make your Indian cooking classes a great experience.